Ultra-Regenerating Hair Care

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  • Ultra-Regenerating Mask
    This multi-award winning pre-shampoo mask is ideal for mature, devitalized, very dry and damaged hair as it treats the signs of aging by restoring nutrients that are lost over time. Hair is strengthened and the fibre is nourished and rebuilt .
  • Ultra-Regenerating Hair Washing Cream
    Ideal for mature, rough or brittle hair, this wash cream will leave hair revitalised, full of shine and silky . It washes without foam and the Collagen, Keratin and Hyaluronic Acid help fill the gaps related to biological aging hair.
  • Ultra-Regenerating Hair Conditioner
    Suitable for mature, rough and brittle hair: when applied after the Washing Cream, it untangles and beautifies hair without weighing it down. Key ingredients (Collagen, Keratin and Hyaluronic Acid) revitalises and strengthens hair. Its creamy texture instantly melts and leaves hair incredibly soft, radiant and silky.