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The Brand


The hair is an extension of the scalp.  Treat it the same way as your skin.  It’s the same science”
J F Lazartigue

Jean-Francois Lazartigue is one of the most renowned hair care specialists in France.

He began his career as a successful stylist and salon owner in Paris where his passion for hair health and the lack of suitable products to address a range of hair issues - from over processing, oxidation, straightening to daily blow-drying - impelled him to created his own products to rebalance the scalp, repair and protect hair.

In 1976, the j.f. lazartigue brand was born creating unique and innovative products.

Prominent Lazartigue hair treatment centres were opened around France and computerized hair and scalp analysis programmes introduced for the first time – offering bespoke prescriptions of treatments and solutions for unaddressed and damaging hair and scalp issues.

Scalp and hair health is at the heart of the j.f. lazartigue's mission and the high-impact products revolutionised the hair industry by approaching hair-care in the same way as skin-care. Vitamins, AHA’s, hyaluronic acid, collagen and keratin are integrated through the product range together with meticulously blended trace elements, amino acids and minerals – all paraben free.

j.f. lazartigue selects the best ingredients, uses them in high concentrations and practises innovative ingredient blending. Unique solutions are available across fourteen specialist hair care conditions which spans the varying hair textures, anti-ageing, hair loss, oily scalps and dandruff, colour moisturising, styling products, volumising, sensitive scalps and sun and environment protection.

j.f. lazartigue has been an esteemed luxury hair brand within the fashion and beauty cognoscenti for over four decades.

Today j.f. lazartigue is still a favourite for beauty press, the discerning beauty experts and thousands of women around the world.