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  • Disentangling Instant Silk Protein Spray
    This versatile spray immediately untangles wet or dry hair without rinsing, giving it shine, volume and exceptional softness. It can also be used prior to the application of a pre-shampoo treatment to help the penetration and absorption of active ingredients.
  • Hair Styling Gel
    This non-greasy gel can model, carve and achieve any hair style with great precision. It can be used on dry or damp hair without leaving residue or drying out the hair.
  • Hair Volume Tonic
    This transparent styling spray is ideal for fine or limp hair. It reinforces and thickens the hair to give it body, shine and hold.
  • Serum with Shea Butter
    This luxurious serum is ideal for dry, thick hair and is a perfect finisher after styling. Hair will be left soft, bouncy and shiny all day long.
  • Daily Protective Cream
    This non-greasy daily protective cream is suitable for all hair types - especially fine, devitalised hair suffering the effects of sun exposure, swimming, bad weather and pollution. It will nourish and create shine without weighing hair down.
  • Protective Nourishing Milk - OUT OF STOCK
    This nourishing milk with UVA/UVB filters is suitable for thick, dry, sun-exposed hair. An antioxidant, this milk can be used as a daily protective cream as well as an antistatic styling treatment.
  • Shea Butter leave-in Conditioner
    Ideal for thick and very dry hair, this leave-in conditioner is highly concentrated in Shea Butter, moisturising and sheen-restoring agents. This spray detangles and nourishes unruly hair without weighing it down, leaving it shiny and healthy with a delicate perfume.
  • Soy Milk Strengthening Serum
    This luxurious leave-in serum is ideal for dry, fine, delicate hair and is a perfect finisher after styling. Hair will be left soft and manageable throughout the day.
  • Styling Gel to Straighten or Curl - OUT OF STOCK 
    This styling gel is suitable for frizzy hair: it's moisturising and protective properties help against the effects of humidity. Curls can be sculpted or hair relaxed to aid straightening giving you more control over your styling.
  • Volumizing Styling Gel
    Ideal for dull, lifeless, limp hair: this volumizing gel adds volume to the roots and hair as well as amazing shine, leaving it feeling natural and supple.