Pre-Shampoo Treatments

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  • Mask with Shea Butter
    This is an intense weekly moisture treatment for very thick or curly hair which is brittle, dry, over-processed or damaged.
  • Moisturising Mask
    This pre-shampoo mask is recommended for dry hair, dehydrated scalps or colour treated hair. It repairs and nourishes without weighing the hair down.
  • Ultra-Regenerating Mask
    This multi-award winning pre-shampoo mask is ideal for mature, devitalized, very dry and damaged hair as it treats the signs of aging by restoring nutrients that are lost over time. Hair is strengthened and the fibre is nourished and rebuilt .
  • Soy Milk Strengthening Pre-Shampoo Mask
    This pre-shampoo mask is a weekly treatment suitable for fine, dry, delicate hair - it repairs, protects and nourishes. Its essential Soy Bean Oil and Soy Milk active ingredients moisturise and bring volume to very fine hair, giving it strength, vitality and density.
  • Massage Gel for Deep Cleansing
    This refreshing and stimulating massage gel has soothing, healing and anti-bacterial agents which is recommended for deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation of oily scalps or those with dandruff .
  • Propolis Jelly for Oily Scalp
    This pre-shampoo treatment cleanses, purifies, soothes and heals oily scalps and regulates seborrhea (red, itchy rash with scales).