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  • Disentangling Instant Silk Protein Spray
    This versatile spray immediately untangles wet or dry hair without rinsing, giving it shine, volume and exceptional softness. It can also be used prior to the application of a pre-shampoo treatment to help the penetration and absorption of active ingredients.
  • Moisturising Conditioner
    This moisturising conditioner is ideal for very dry, colour treated or processed hair: it gently detangles the hair leaving it soft, shiny and re-hydrated. Weakened hair is reinforced and coated which helps hair maintain its vibrancy and depth of colour.
  • Soy Milk Strengthening Conditioner
    This conditioner is suitable for fine, lifeless, dull hair - its restructuring and energising actions give density and manageability to thin hair.
  • Ultra-Regenerating Hair Conditioner
    Suitable for mature, rough and brittle hair: when applied after the Washing Cream, it untangles and beautifies hair without weighing it down. Key ingredients (Collagen, Keratin and Hyaluronic Acid) revitalises and strengthens hair. Its creamy texture instantly melts and leaves hair incredibly soft, radiant and silky.
  • Shea Butter leave-in Conditioner
    Ideal for thick and very dry hair, this leave-in conditioner is highly concentrated in Shea Butter, moisturising and sheen-restoring agents. This spray detangles and nourishes unruly hair without weighing it down, leaving it shiny and healthy with a delicate perfume.
  • Vita Cream with Shea Butter
    Suitable for dry, thick and normal hair, this cream is rich in shea butter, milk proteins and vitamin E that repairs the hair shaft in its deeper structure. It gives your hair brilliance and reduces static electricity without weighing it down.
  • Hair Volume Tonic
    This transparent styling spray is ideal for fine or limp hair. It reinforces and thickens the hair to give it body, shine and hold.
  • Bancoulier Oil Rich Conditioner -OUT OF STOCK 
    This rich treatment conditioner is specially formulated for very thick hair that is dry and prone to breakage and dullness.
  • Tea Oil Delicate Conditioner - OUT OF STOCK
    This light treatment conditioner is specially formulated for very fine hair that is dry and prone to breakage and dullness.