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Delicate Tea Oil Hair Fragrance - OUT OF STOCK 

Size:  100 ml
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This very elegant and delicate fragrance gives your hair a sensual scent. It neutralizes all odours from your hair. It forms a protective barrier and brings a light hold to your hair style. Use as often as you wish to perfume your hair with a subtle scent and enhance shine.

It contains Hibiscus flowers acids, an excellent ingredient for shine and brilliance.

It also contains a moisturizing Tea extract and allow a light hold of your hair style. It is similar to a light hair pray.

The product contains alcohol in order to diffuse a finer and lighter spray on your hair. it also enables a better and long-lasting hold of the scent in your hair.


Can be used anytime on either damp hair before styling or on dry hair.

Use as a finishing tool or throughout the day.
Spray as often as you need.

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