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j.f. lazartigue, pioneer hairdresser

The story of j.f. lazartigue begins in December 1963, when he founded his first hairdressing salon in Paris, at 142 rue de Courcelles, with a completely new vision. Observing the damage caused by hair straightening and oxidising products to the hair, he created a revolutionaryharmless straightening hairstyle.

At a time when formulations were based on technologies using active ingredients derived from chemistry, he developed a gentle straightening technique, which smoothed the hair without breaking it, leaving it supple and natural. His salon rapidly became a must- go place in Paris.

In 1972, the salon became the Parisian Straightening Centre, attracting a significant amount of press attention. Its fame went beyond the borders of the capital, and women around the world aspired to benefit from its unique expertise.

A visionary hairdresser


A specialist at providing expert advice for his customers, from their choice of shade in colour treatments and how they were applied to the best way of caring for their hair, he decided to offer his expertise even further by creating his own collection of at-home products to treat and maintain the hair with the utmost respect. In 1976,the first line of hair care j.f. lazartigue was born.

In order to develop his products, he painstakingly selected exceptional raw materials with prodigious efficiency. Naturally active ingredients were tested many times in his laboratory before being incorporated into incredibly sensorial, soft and luxurious textures. Shortly after, he created the 1st ammonia and oxidant-free permanent colour: The Colouring Emulsions.

An internationally renowned hairdresser

The success of the products was immediate. The know-how of j.f. lazartigue spread in France and abroad. Driven by the general enthusiasm, he opened several hairdressing and colouring salons as well as Hair and Scalp Analysis and Treatment Centres. These centres offered a personalised diagnosis for the first time via an in-depth microscopic examination of hair and roots. Each client has a personal profile, a notebook of capillary health, making it possible to determine any conditions, adapt a customised care, and finally to follow-up on the health of hair and scalp.

Distribution Centres and hairdressing salons all over the world today use its expert products, enabling j.f. lazartigue to be present in more than 60 countries.


j.f. lazartigue today

For 55 years, j.f. lazartigue with its visionary spirit and exceptional know-how in the world of hairdressing has been at the service of customers around the world. Today, we continue our mission with even more natural products, still incredibly respectful and reliable.

True pioneer in natural care, the effectiveness of its methods and products has always been considered a partnership with nature, never to its detriment. The preservation of the environment as well as the nature of the hair has always been at the heart of our commitment. Today, we rely on this tremendously modern vision as a foundation to the whole philosophy of our brand.

A natural brand made in France

The desire to place nature at the heart of our formulas continues.

Our goal is to reach 95% natural compounds in our products by 2020. We use Ecocert approved system of preservatives.

While natural may sometimes compromises product efficiency, each of our products guarantees a visible transformation of the fiber from the first application. Our products contain less water to improve active ingredient concentration and to maximize their effectiveness. A small amount of shampoo is all that is required for optimum results.

We prioritise and guarantee the effectiveness of our products: formulas are tested during at least 300 applications.

We are committed to avoiding active ingredient “nasties” for the hair and scalp. Our new product formulas are guaranteed:




Sulfate free, our newly formulated shampoos contain a trio of non-aggressive surfactants derived from coconut. Silicones are replaced by a combination of high penetration oils for a gentle and respectful cleansing, NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS OR MINERAL OILS. The result: hair regains elasticity; its colour is respected and the scalp isnaturally soothed.

Ultra-respectful vegan
+ brand

We take our natural approach even further by ensuring that our new products follow a vegan certification process from the British Vegan Society.

Currently, 90% of our new formulas do not contain animal material or animal- produced material+ and 100% of our formulas are not tested on animals – cruelty free.

A premium brand

In addition to efficiency, we take the sensory aspect of our formulas to the extreme. Our lathers are rich, abundant, and extraordinarily creamy. Our masks are rich, soft, and instantly transforming.

Our scalp treatments are soothing, purifying and instantly refreshing.

Each of our perfumes are developed in Grasse by talented perfumers, who work for Parisian couture brands.

An expert brand

j.f. lazartigue, known for his hair diagnoses, developed a high-precision microscope tool used to analyse customers hair and scalp to accurately prescribe intensive and tailor-made care adapted to each of his clients.

His expert eye allowed him to provide personalised technical advice in colouring and to create custom blends.

j.f. lazartigue in the UK

In the UK the brand is distributed exclusively by Ebmac UK Limited, in London.

Customer service is paramount, and we perpetuate j.f. lazartigue’s expert advice techniques for hair care and colouring through product descriptions and advice section on this website, over the phone and via direct message on Facebook and Instagram.

Notes:+ Non-Vegan: Hair Volume Tonic Styling Spray / Stymulactine 21 Fortifying Shampoo / Stymulactine 21 Serum - Intensive hair loss treatment with peptoides + Si30 complex / Intensive Scalp Revitalizer Serum / Revitalizing Hair Nutrients / Pre-Shampoo Propolis Jelly Treatment / Propolis Shampoo
* Except: Stymulactine 21 Serum / Stymulactine 21 Fortifying Shampoo / Colouring Emulsion / Neutralising Bath

** Except: Stymulactine 21 Serum / Hair Volume Tonic Styling Spray