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  • PROMOTIONAL  TRIO PACK - BUY 2 GET 1 FREE WHILE STOCKS LAST. THE ULTIMATE REMEDY FOR HAIR LOSS. Suitable for weak, anaemic hair including severe hair loss - this treatment encourages vigorous growth by improving the health of the hair and scalp. Primary bulb cells are stimulated to reduce excessive hair loss and increase capillary density.
  • SPECIAL DUO PACK - Buy the Shampoo and get the Conditioner at Half Price. This deeply moisturising shampoo and conditioning duo will leave hair soft, shiny, strengthened and re-hydrated. Its ultra-gentle formula is ideal for detangling and reinforcing very dry, colour treated or processed hair.
  • This is an intense weekly moisture treatment for very thick or curly hair which is brittle, dry, over-processed or damaged.
  • SPECIAL DUO PACK - Buy the Shampoo and get the Conditioner at Half Price. This ultra-moisturising duo is ideal for thick, voluminous hair which is very dry, damaged or sensitive. Rich in shea butter, milk proteins and Vitamin E, it nourishes the hair shaft, protects the keratin and prevents the hair from dryness.
  • SPECIAL DUO PACK - Buy the Shampoo and get the Conditioner at Half Price. This extremely delicate duo is ideal for fine, limp, lifeless hair. Its restructuring and energising formula protects the hair from dryness without weighing it down. Thin hair gains density and manageability while becoming radiant, soft and light.
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The Product Benefits

The hair is an extension of the scalp.  Treat it the same way as your skin.  It’s the same science” J F Lazartigue

j.f. lazartigue selects the best ingredients, uses them in high concentrations and practises innovative ingredient blending.  Unique solutions are available across fourteen specialist hair care conditions which spans the varying hair textures; anti-ageing, hair loss, oily scalps and dandruff, colour moisturising, styling products, volumising, sensitive scalps and sun and environment protection.

The most prestigious award in French well-being and beauty, the Victoire de la Beaute recently awarded its highest affirmation to the j.f. lazartigue anti-ageing regenerating hair mask.  Enriched with hyaluronic acid, collagen and keratin, this innovative product helps to prevent the natural oxidation of the hair and regenerates it from the inside – treating the signs of aging.

Our hair loss range offers solutions from exhausted and weakened hair to anaemic scalps and excessive hair loss.  Active ingredients such as silanols, amino-acids and marine agents energize and strengthen the hair by 'force feeding' the roots with vitamins, proteins, minerals, and amino acids to develop new healthy growth while strengthening weak hair.

j.f. lazartigue hair colours, completely free from ammonia and peroxide, covers permanently 100% of grey hair. It harmoniously blends with the natural colour of your hair, providing a refined tone without damaging your hair.

j.f. lazartigue has been an esteemed luxury hair brand within the fashion and beauty cognoscenti for over four decades.

Our pre-shampoo masks are regularly used by A listers from Julia Roberts to Madonna.  Drew Barrymore recently posted on Instagram that her j.f. lazartigue mask with shea butter was amazing.

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