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  • Disentangling Instant Silk Protein Spray
    This multi-purpose product immediately untangles hair without rinsing. It gives shine, volume, and exceptional softness.
  • Hair Styling Gel
    This non-oily gel can be used to tame and shape hair, keep a strand in place, or achieve a hairstyle with perfection.
  • Hair Volume Tonic
    This styling spray is a genuine solution for fine, limp hair. It reinforces and thickens the hair to give it both body and hold.
  • Leave-in Serum with Shea Butter
    This super shiny and leave-in serum is a perfect finisher after styling. It will leave your hair soft, bouncy and shiny all day long!
  • Daily Protective Cream
    This non-greasy daily protective cream was designed for fine hair that has lost its vitality due to swimming, sun exposure, bad weather, pollution, etc.
  • Protective Nourishing Milk
    The combination of macadamia oil, vitamin F and UVA/UVB filters repairs the hydro-lipid film on the hair's fiber, providing it with maximum protection while preserving its radiant color.
  • Shea Butter leave-in Conditioner
    Highly concentrated in Shea Butter, moisturizing, and sheen-restoring agents, this spray spectacularly detangles and nourishes unruly hair without weighing it down.
  • Soy Milk Strengthening Serum for fine hair
    This super shiny and leave-in serum is a perfect finisher after styling.
  • Styling Gel to Straighten or Curl - OUT OF STOCK 
    This styling gel straights your hair or makes natural curl easier to manage and shape, it reponds to your every need.
  • Volumizing Styling Gel
    This volumizing gel adds volume to the roots and hair as well as amazing shine to the hair, leaving it feeling natural and light weight.